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Find & buy your ideal Wrist Watch with these 3 tips

cheap mens watchesThese days, the motive for buying watches has gone far beyond its primary purpose of keeping track of time to depicting fame, status and ego. This sharp shift on watch emphasis has led to high demand of premium watches by men and women of style and fashion. Quality watches are identified using various different parameters like; the brand, the quality of its strap (whether leather, rubber or chain straps), the engine type, and the overall designs. If you are a guy reading this article and you are out there trying to figure out how to spot a some of the best watches under 1000 dollars, be sure to check the resource box below after going through this article for a selection high quality watches for men.

The 3 tips are…


How easy and swift can you fasten it on your wrist?

Before deciding on which strap of watch to pick on your next watch purchase adventure, take the time to reflect on which is usually more easy and fast to fasten on your wrist; leather band or Chain? Watches designed with chain strap may require a bit of expertise and professionalism to work on the chain in order for it to fit perfectly on your wrist. That of a leather watch are straight forward with no hassles. So before you decided to pay for that watch that you have eying from across the jewelry window, make sure that you give this question the proper consideration and answer that it deserves.

What size of watch face fits perfectly on your wrist?

That’s correct, watches comes with different face sizes and these fits differently on different individuals. Determining which size is perfect for your wrist is another very crucial factor that deserves diligent consideration before placing an order for a new watch. Men with big wrist usually look fine with big face watches while those with a moderately sized wrist are good-to-go with small or moderate size of watch faces.

What color of watch band will match your attire well?

mens watches below 1000While it is true that watch bands comes in different colors, it is however not true that a particular watch band color will match all or most of your attires. So, it becomes of great importance that you visualize how well the band or strap of a particular watch you are interested in buying will match well with most your wardrobe collections. You certainly do not want your watch to give you an odd look and appearance because of it not blending well with your whole attire. As a rule of thumb, always ensure that you own at least a single watch that has a black strap as it tends to go well with most if not all of your outfits.

Try not to go over the edge with your busget when shopping for timepiece. Be sure to browse around for some of the best watches below 500 as they at times can deliver value beyond the more expensive ones.